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Institute Long-Term Monitoring and Oversight Processes

Following project completion, you will want to put a system in place to monitor the project’s performance and be ready to respond to possible issues. The following are a list of suggested good practices:

  • Create a Small Oversight Committee

    Where possible, keep the core team engaged and utilize its expertise to continue monitoring the project. Where possible, it’s also recommended that the oversight committee be relatively lean to prevent it from becoming unwieldy.

  • Update Key Departments

    Maintain regular communication with critical internal teams such as finance, legal, and accounting. This could be done via monthly update calls.

  • Anticipate Staff Turnover

    Document the ongoing procedures and create some level of redundancy in staff roles to minimize the impact of employee turnover.

  • Establish Periodic Milestones

    Establish regular checkpoints and long-term milestones to revisit the contract at key junctures and ensure regular oversight.


  • A successful communications announcement that meets the needs of the city and the developer
  • A project that commences operations on time and is quickly integrated into city operations
  • A highly-educated, experienced set of internal team members who will monitor the project and be ready to assist with future efforts