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Navigating hundreds of federal funding opportunities can be overwhelming. Our funding tool, America’s Federal Funding Opportunities and Resources for Decarbonization (AFFORD), is designed to help you identify, compare, and prioritize federal funding, tax credits, and other incentives. This tool is primarily intended to streamline public, non-profit, and community efforts to increase understanding of eligible funding and incentives that are relevant to your project, goals, and community. The tool’s filters allow you to sort available funding and resources to focus on what’s most relevant to you. Then use the compare feature to select up to 4 programs to review side-by-side.

Explore our funding tool: America’s Federal Funding Opportunities and Resources for Decarbonization (AFFORD)

Note that this tool is best suited to strategically prepare for and align funding opportunities with your projects. Deadlines are listed where available information exists, and past deadlines are included for programs that are expected to recur in future years. Consider past deadlines to inform your planning for future applications.


Funding sources were identified and incorporated into this tool based upon two main factors: 1) applicant eligibility for public, non-profit, and community entities; and 2) project eligibility for decarbonization that are either explicitly described and/or potentially allowed under the programmatic rules and agency guidance. This tool incorporates research and reviews of agency websites, the Federal Register,, and federal legislation.


The AFFORD tool will be updated on a quarterly basis until otherwise noted. This version of AFFORD was last updated September 2023.

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