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This Funding Guidance and the AFFORD tool were co-developed by Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI), World Resources Institute (WRI), and America Is All In, with support from Bloomberg Philanthropies.

Funding Guidance Contributors: ​

    • WRI: Alex Dane, Ian Goldsmith, Andrew Light, Caitlin Macomber, Katrina McLaughlin​
    • RMI: Steve Abbott, Tansy Massey-Green, Matthew Popkin, Jingyi Tang, Ryan Warsing​
    • Thanks to Climate Mayors, the Urban Sustainability Directors Network (USDN), and C40 Cities for their support and insights.

AFFORD Tool Contributors:

    • WRI: Alex Dane, Andrew Light, Caitlin Macomber, Katrina McLaughlin​
    • RMI: Tansy Massey-Green, Matthew Popkin, Jesse Prentice-Dunn, Jane Sadler, Ryan Shea, Dan Slanger, Jingyi Tang, Ryan Warsing, Sebastian Weeks
    • LTLMTN: Steve Koester, Elliot Toman (Web Development)
    • Thanks to the many local governments, institutions, and non-profit organizations who provided feedback as beta testers to inform tool design and functionality.