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Determine Roles and Responsibilities for the Solarize Team

After identifying the Solarize team members, it is helpful to determine specific roles and responsibilities. The following table summarizes some of the primary campaign roles and responsibilities, some of which may span multiple individuals.

Campaign Manager


  • Coordinate between the core Solarize team leads and partners for major campaign moments

  • Lead the development of the RFP in coordination with the local government procurement department and installer selection committee

  • Lead the installer selection process with the installer selection committee and confirm all references and qualifications

  • Coordinate with the selected installer during the campaign to track participant status and campaign progress toward goals

  • Manage the participant experience and answer resident questions

Communications & Outreach Lead


  • Develop a communications plan and materials (e.g., campaign logo, flyer, FAQs, website, press release, mailers, social media)

  • Assist in organizing workshops (technical and nontechnical) and events (e.g., launch, solar tours, live installations)

  • Coordinate media outreach (e.g., print, social, TV, radio)

  • Track the impact and key performance indicators of communication tactics and outreach methods

  • Recruit solar ambassadors and volunteers for testimonials who can attest to advantages of residential solar and assist with outreach

Marginalized Community Representatives


  • Represent frontline community priorities in all decision-making (e.g., goal setting, installer selection, event location selection)

  • Identify recommended lower-income incentives and financing and associated required funding to secure them

  • Provide feedback throughout the campaign on ways to reach marginalized residents

Installer Selection Committee


  • Group of four to eight community leaders/residents, local government staff, and CBO staff who:

    1. Develop the RFP evaluation criteria

    2. Select the installer by scoring RFP bids and interviewing finalists

Suggested Next Steps:

Form a Solarize team and delegate roles and responsibilities. Consider using Part 1 of RMI’s forthcoming Inclusive Solarize Campaign: Goals and Roles Worksheet for assistance.