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Large-Scale Renewables Aggregation Guidance

Identify Renewable Procurement Needs 

Each local government should identify its own renewable procurement needs before aligning with partners. Local governments should be specific where necessary but indicate their flexibility where possible to help maximize the number of potential partners while also identifying critical priorities early. Local governments should assess the following key information at this stage:

  • The amount of energy in megawatt-hours the local government would like to procure
  • The favored renewable technologies (e.g., wind, solar)
  • When the resource should come online
  • Where the resource should be located
  • The level of engagement each local government wants to have with the process and the time commitment staff can make to support the deal
  • Any required co-benefits

The Large-Scale Renewables Aggregation Alignment Tool is a resource to help local governments identify procurement needs and find alignment with partners. At this stage, a local government can use the tool to help identify its own renewable procurement needs.

Large-Scale Renewables Aggregation Alignment Tool

What is it?

A Google spreadsheet that allows multiple buyers to fill out preferences, so they can identify where they are aligned on deal terms and where they need to negotiate before moving forward.

When to use it?

This should be used at the beginning of partnership conversations and again before issuing the RFP to ensure partnership makes sense and every partner is comfortable with the details going into the RFP.