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Green Tariffs

Engage with Your Utility to Identify How to Participate

The point of contact at the utility will typically be your account manager, but this can vary by the utility. There may be other utility staff that you should engage, such as a utility renewable energy champion or other advocate that could provide support in utilizing the green tariff. Someone on the rates and regulatory team could also provide a better understanding of the cost implications. If you are unsure of who to talk to, ask your account manager.

Ask your utility point of contact to share information such as:

  • What is the status of the green tariff program? Is the program still open for enrollment? Have the renewable energy resources already been selected or is there opportunity to help select the resource? How much renewable energy remains available to me?
  • If the green tariff program is available, what is the process required to participate in the program? Does the customer work directly with a solar/wind developer or does the utility facilitate procurement of the resource? Does the customer need to file a notice of interest or a nonbinding expression of interest in order to participate?

Engagement with the utility may differ depending on the type of utility (e.g., municipal or investor-owned utility).

It is important to note that engagement with your utility is not a one-off action. The more you connect—with many utility contacts, engaging openly and frequently, expressing your goals, etc.—the more likely you are to find success.