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Identify the Solarize Campaign Manager

The first key team decision is identifying the overall project manager for the campaign. Although roles and responsibilities vary, program manager responsibilities typically include leading meetings, coordinating working groups and partners, overseeing the RFP process and installer selection committee, managing communications with the selected installer, hosting the campaign website, and responding to issues that arise during the campaign.

Campaign managers typically fall in two categories: (1) internal local government campaign managers (typically a sustainability officer) or (2) external Solarize-like organization campaign managers. Examples of local government-led campaigns in 2021 and 2022 include Solarize East Boston, Solarize Hanover, Solar Over Louisville, Solar Salt Lake, and Solarize Santa Fe. Examples of external national organizations that run Solarize-like campaigns include Solar CrowdSource and Solar United Neighbors, and local organizations include OCGoesSolar. There are advantages and challenges to each model, which are summarized below.

Local Government Led


  • Typically involve strong buy-in from local government leadership

  • Typically easier to receive earned media and reach a larger audience


  • City procurement process may result in legal delays and a longer time line

  • Typically require more local government staff capacity

Solarize Expert Organization Led


  • A third-party organization brings capacity and industry experience to the core team

  • Nongovernmental procurement process reduces risk of legal delays


  • A third party may require the local government to pay an up-front cost or charge the solar installer a small fee per install, depending on the organization’s structure

Suggested Next Steps

Determine whether the Solarize campaign will be managed internally or through an external organization. Consider using Part 1 of RMI’s forthcoming Inclusive Solarize Campaign: Develop the Core Team Worksheet for assistance.