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Develop the Outreach Materials

The next step in developing an outreach plan is developing the corresponding outreach materials. The themes in the materials should be tailored to your audiences and consistent across outreach materials. When developing these materials, remember to:

  • Keep the message as concise as possible and avoid industry jargon.
  • Include an eye-catching logo that integrates the community’s identity and solar PV.
  • Use bullets, bolded words, and images or infographics to quickly focus readers’ attention.
  • Include the campaign sign-up deadline to convey the time limitations.
  • Direct readers to the campaign website for more details.

Following are examples of typical distributed outreach materials. Templates for each of the following primary outreach and marketing materials can be found in RMI’s forthcoming Inclusive Solarize Campaign Outreach Template Library.

  • Campaign overview: The campaign overview — in the form of a brochure, two-pager, or other informational collateral — should be the most detailed outreach material and incorporate most of the information that is on a website, including what a Solarize campaign is, why to participate, how to get started, and relevant financial information.
  • Event flyers: Flyers promoting campaign events (e.g., workshops) should include the event’s location, time, and event details.
  • Mailers: Mailers could be brief one-page letters or postcards where a community leader or elected official summarizes the campaign and how to get involved with concise bullets.
  • Email templates: The core team can provide email templates to partners that include highlights from the campaign overview, key milestones/moments to celebrate during the campaign, success stories, and more.
  • Press releases and media advisories: Press releases and media advisories that summarize the most compelling aspects of the campaign and announce upcoming events can be sent to local media to invite them to attend and cover the events.
  • Social media templates: Templated social media posts should briefly highlight the campaign’s key messages or upcoming events and milestones and link to the website for more information.

Suggested Next Steps:

Develop all outreach materials using templates, such as RMI’s forthcoming Inclusive Solarize Campaign Outreach Template Library and Inclusive Solarize Campaign Website Content Template.