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Shortlist Programs of Interest

Our AFFORD tool includes hundreds of potentially relevant funding and financing programs, but a majority will not likely be a good fit for your community and the project you are pursuing. To make this less overwhelming, we’ve specifically designed this tool so that the filters can automatically help you focus on the funding sources relevant to your project, goals, and community. Then, you can use the compare feature to select up to 4 programs most relevant to review side-by-side.

With this comparison, you now have a shortlist of just 2-4 programs for your project that need to keep track of and prepare for. Note that our tool includes past deadlines so that you can keep in mind when the next cycle for competitive programs is likely – at least to the accuracy level of the month or season.

Check out our page, What to Expect When You’re Expecting (to Apply), for key questions to consider when deciding whether to shortlist or prioritize a program.

Pro Tip

Your customized shortlist of programs can also be shared as its own link with the “Share This Comparison” button once you’ve selected 2-4 programs to compare. This makes it easy to send to your manager, team, or other partners to let them know the programs that you are following closely.