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Developing a Strategy

Make the Case to City Leadership

Once you have aligned with the necessary stakeholders and finalized your proposal, present your strategy to the mayor, city council, and/or other key decision makers to obtain initial approval to pursue your recommended option(s). Your presentation should typically remain at a high level and explain the process you have followed to this point. You should identify how the renewable energy initiatives, and their associated co-benefits, align with your city’s goals and priorities, the needs identified from internal and external stakeholders, and your city’s financial capabilities. In some cases, it may be useful to note what other, similar cities in your region have achieved to validate your strategy and, in some cases, generate a little friendly competition. 

For help pitching various renewable energy procurement projects to key decision makers, check out our:


  • An understanding of what other cities, counties, and organizations have achieved in similar situations
  • A list of opportunities and constraints developed in partnership with key departments
  • A list of potential external partners and supporting organizations
  • A short list of renewables initiatives, including procurement targets (e.g., MW under contract) and other priorities (e.g., emissions reductions, value of resilience, local economic benefits)
  • An understanding of the approval process for your project
  • Formal endorsement of a portfolio of initiatives by city leadership

Now you are ready to explore your procurement options. Use the navigation menu above, or the links below, to take a deep dive into the different ways you can bring more renewable energy to your community.