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Large-Scale Renewables Aggregation Guidance

Assess Interest and Compare Needs

Potential partners should ensure they have enough initial alignment to warrant forming a procurement group. Participants should ensure that potential partners are aligned regarding the type of procurement, timeline, and risk tolerance along with other specific project needs.

At this stage, potential partners should:

  • Share their initial assessment of procurement needs and confirm that there are not any critical points of misalignment.
  • Consider if they have compatible priorities regarding the type of resource, location, timeline, and procurement method.
  • Share with each other the amount of energy, or the range, they are looking to procure.

The exact amount of energy that buyers need to procure does not need to be finalized at this stage. However, it will be helpful for the group to understand the potential size of the procurement and gauge if additional partners should be invited in to achieve a minimum viable transaction size (e.g., 20 MW).