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Clean Mobility and Transportation

Building on the opportunity-specific considerations in the FFOLD tool, this literature review and resource list highlights environmental and energy justice publications and tools from organizations that lead this work to help you and your city better understand equity considerations for clean mobility and transportation projects.

  • Mobility Equity Framework: How to Make Transportation Work for People from The Greenlining Institute proposes a framework designed to elevate the values of social equity and community power in all transportation planning and decision-making. This paper addresses structural inequities through an adaptable, customizable process for communities, advocates, and transportation decision-makers. It progresses from community needs assessments to mobility equity analysis with indicators, then establishes new strategies to enhance decision-making power at the local level through participatory budgeting and racial equity toolkits. The appendix (page 20) includes additional resources on Shared Mobility, Measuring Indicators and Performance Measures, Scorecard Tools, and Decision-Making Frameworks.
  • Making Equity Real in Mobility Projects Toolkit, also developed by The Greenlining Institute, includes an overview of “4 Steps to Making Equity Real,” which the authors state are needed to operationalize equity within a pilot project (based on its Mobility Equity Framework report listed above). The following parts provide additional information to complete these four steps in an equitable, inclusive, and culturally appropriate way, from equity considerations with evaluation questions to community engagement best practices with activities and cultural considerations. This guide also offers a mobility pilot project worksheet to develop and deploy an equitable project.
  • Equity in Practice: Developing a City Transportation Electrification Roadmap, developed by Forth Mobility, provides recommendations and examples of equitable practices — through needs assessments and stakeholder engagement — for cities that are developing their electric transportation roadmaps. The report also guides cities on community empowerment, promoting public input to shape equity outcomes in a city’s transportation electrification pathway.