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Green Tariffs

Identify Available Green Tariff Options

Across the United States, green tariffs vary greatly among utilities (discussed in the Evaluate Financial Impacts section). In addition, a single utility (e.g., Dominion Energy in Virginia) may offer multiple green tariff options to meet the unique needs of different types of large energy customers. 

The Renewable Options by State overviews and U.S. Renewable Energy Map: A Guide for Corporate Buyers provide initial overviews of the green tariffs available in different states, and the applicability and accessibility of each program. After reviewing the green tariff options in your state, look specifically at your current provider’s options. Engaging your utility upfront can be helpful as you assess options. 

If there are no green tariffs available, you may consider engaging with your utility to have them create a green tariff or another solution to access large-scale renewable energy. Please contact the Renewables Accelerator team for this type of support. Determining where green tariffs are available:
The Accelerator online state overview tool, Renewable Options by State, and the U.S. Renewable Energy Map: A Guide for Corporate Buyers both demonstrate where green tariffs are available at the state level. The U.S. Renewable Energy Map was originally developed by WRI, but ownership of this work has since been transferred to the Renewable Energy Buyers Alliance (REBA). REBA is an independent organization that arose from a collaboration between WRI, RMI, BSR, and WWF.