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Green Tariffs

Sign Up for the Green Tariff Program

Once you have received final approval to utilize the green tariff program, reengage with your utility to follow the steps identified earlier.

Note that depending on the green tariff program design, additional input and engagement may be required after your initial enrollment in the program. With some green tariffs, for example, a customer provides input into the renewable energy resource procurement process. A city may play a lead role in the request for proposal (RFP) process to identify the resource to serve the city, either independently or jointly with other customers, or the city may work with the utility to select the resource after the RFP has been issued.

After signing on to the program, ask your utility questions to help identify whether there is additional engagement or input required and the extent of this engagement. For example, you may want to ask, “Are there other key procedural requirements that I should be aware of?” and “When should I expect to hear from you next?”

Depending on the degree of involvement required by the program, additional approval may be required by your team, city colleagues, and decision-makers. Even when this is not the case, it is important to keep key decision-makers informed of how the program is running.


  • Utilization of a green tariff program, following approval by all key stakeholders

Communicate Anticipated Impacts of Green Tariff Use to City Staff

Based on how you utilize the green tariff and which accounts will be served, you should advise department staff on what changes they can anticipate, such as any changes to their monthly electric bills and impacts to budgets.