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Large-Scale Renewables Aggregation Guidance

Technology-Aided Procurement (Optional)

While procurement groups typically have issued RFPs to find potential suppliers, an alternative, technology-aided approach has recently emerged that can streamline the process. This new approach utilizes platforms containing databases of renewable energy projects being considered for development and, using a dynamic matching engine, matches buyers with projects that meet their criteria. Two such platforms are the LevelTen Marketplace in the United States and DNV GL’s Instatrust in Europe. Buyer-led procurement groups can use these matching platforms if doing so does not violate the procurement requirements for any participant.

As an example, the Corporate Renewable Energy Aggregation Group issued an RFP and selected LevelTen to support a virtual PPA in 2019. Three months after engaging LevelTen, the group issued an RFP through LevelTen’s transaction marketplace and received roughly 100 responses. Although the group was unable to secure the first project selected, they subsequently launched a second RFP through LevelTen and, one month later, selected a solar project.