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Maintain Campaign Momentum

Although a successful launch is key to jump-starting the campaign, it is also important to implement strategies to sustain the momentum throughout the campaign and motivate participants to sign a contract before the deadline. Below are a few considerations.

  • Plan informational and social events:

    Consider providing multiple informal, open-format sessions for interested residents to get their questions answered in a friendly and educational environment. Personal conversations with solar ambassadors and other peers can be a helpful motivator for residents to sign up for the campaign and sign a contract. Coordinate with partner organizations to spread the word about upcoming events.

  • Update the campaign website:

    Updating the website to reflect upcoming events, the growing number of participants, and overall contracts signed helps participants to track the ongoing progress, engagement, and interest. The website should also be updated with event pictures and testimonials, as those can help to draw in and provide confidence to other prospective participants.

  • Modify listed campaign goals and deadlines:

    To help the campaign goals always seem achievable and the urgency to act ever present, organizers may want to consider adjusting the campaign goals or deadline throughout the campaign. For example, consider starting with a lower participant sign-up or contract goal listed on the website and increase it throughout the campaign as the goals are met. Given that most contracts are signed in the final weeks of the campaign, extending the original deadline by a week on the day of the original deadline date “due to high demand” can increase the amount of time during the campaign when a deadline is approaching. Modifying both the campaign’s goal and deadline also provides additional milestone communications opportunities to keep participants engaged throughout the campaign.

Suggested Next Steps

Sustain campaign momentum by coordinating events, updating the website, and adjusting the campaign goals and deadlines.