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Large-Scale Renewables Aggregation Guidance

Learn From Successful Aggregation Projects

The aggregation procurement guidance draws heavily on lessons learned from past aggregation projects.

  • Arlington County and Amazon partnered on a virtual PPA for 120 MW of solar, structured through their utility, Dominion Energy.

  • Led by the City of Melbourne in Australia, a group of fourteen cities, public institutions, and banks procured a mix of energy and RECs from a nearby wind farm. This group provided participants with a significant range of procurement options, which provided additional flexibility but significantly complicated the process. The group collectively acted as an anchor offtaker for the wind farm.

  • A university, medical center, and development corporation partnered to purchase 60 MW of solar. They sold the electricity on the wholesale market and kept the RECs.

  • Five corporations procured 42.5 MW of solar with a virtual PPA. The group collectively acted as an anchor offtaker for the project.

  • The Dutch Wind Consortium, consisting of four corporations experienced with renewable procurement, executed two physical PPAs for wind power.

  • The Southern Maine Solar Collaborative procured 5.3 MW of solar net metering solar credits in an aggregated deal for seven entities in five smaller communities in southeastern Maine.

  • The two corporations teamed up with Lightsource BP to power US operations with a 345 MW solar farm, the largest solar project in Louisiana.