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This is a detailed guide for cities on the considerations and steps involved for a city to procure different types of renewable energy. The procurement guidance provided here is designed to help city governments effectively and efficiently understand associated processes, tools, and best practices in order to facilitate successful implementation of municipal renewable energy projects. The guidance is broken down into two distinct stages: Developing a Strategy and Executing a Project.

Developing a Strategy

Procuring renewable energy for a city requires clearly defined goals and strategy. The first stage of this procurement guidance, Developing a Strategy, provides a framework to evaluate what your city’s goals should be and identify which types of renewable energy projects or transactions will best meet your community’s needs. For cities that are new to renewable energy procurement or are considering adding some new elements to their renewable energy portfolios, this is the place to start.

Executing a Project

Once a strategy is determined, it’s time to put that strategy into place. The second stage of this procurement guidance, Executing a Project, explores how cities can execute five different, commonly available renewable energy transaction structures. Cities that have already identified their strategy may wish to go directly to the sections pertaining to that strategy via the following links:

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