Advancing Local Government Goals through Wholesale Market Engagement: A Series of Case Studies

Local governments are becoming increasingly aware of the important role of wholesale market operators in decarbonization, the deployment of clean energy, and grid reliability. Wholesale market operators include regional transmission organizations (RTOs) and independent system operators (ISOs). Due to the technical and time-intensive nature of the process for engaging with RTOs, local governments frequently have a difficult time engaging in stakeholder and market processes. This report outlines case studies in which two municipalities and one coalition of local governments have successfully used innovative strategies to engage with their RTOs. The case studies feature the town of Hanover, NH; the PJM Cities and Communities Coalition; and the City of Castle Hills, TX.

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Driving Climate Action Through Utility Integrated Resource Plans: A North Carolina Case Study of Local Government Leadership

This ACCC Renewables Accelerator case study examines a coordinated effort by local governments in North Carolina to provide insight into how and why local governments are increasingly getting involved in utility Integrated Resource Plan (IRP) processes. It shares details and takeaways from this leading example of local government collaboration to inform other local governments’ efforts to advance a cleaner, more equitable, and sustainable energy future.

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Selected Examples of Leading Equitable Clean Energy Initiatives

This spreadsheet highlights case studies of equitable clean energy initiatives from leading cities and states across the United States. For each initiative, this resource provides a brief summary, an overview of key characteristics, and a description of how it addressed procedural, structural, distributional, or transgenerational equity.

This is a companion resource to the publication “Integrating Equity into City Clean Energy Initiatives: Considerations and Resources for Local Governments.” Download that report from the Tools & Resources library.

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