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Tribal Orphaned Wells Program

Federal Agency


Orphaned Wells Program Office


Tribal Implementation Grants: To plug, remediate and reclaim orphaned well sites on the Indian Tribe’s respective trust or restricted lands.  Program Development Grants: Funds are available to assist Tribes in the development or administration of a Tribal program to carry out any activities associated with plugging, remediating, and/or reclaiming orphaned well sites on the Indian Tribe’s respective trust or restricted lands.  “In Lieu Of” Funding:  Tribes have the option to request the Department to administer and carry out plugging, remediation and reclamation activities on the Tribe’s behalf. 

Applicant and/or Project Eligibility Requirements

Eligible Indian Tribes include those where orphaned wells are located on the federally recognized Indian Tribe’s respective trust or restricted lands.

Decarbonization Considerations

If funding will be used to plug, remediate, and reclaim orphaned wells, included in the application must be the methodology to be used to measure and track methane and other gases associated with orphaned wells, including how the Tribe will confirm the effectiveness of plugging activities in reducing or eliminating such emissions.

Equity Considerations

Applications must include training programs, registered apprenticeships, and local and economic hire agreements for workers the Tribe intends to conduct or fund in well plugging or site remediation. They must also include plans the Tribe has to support opportunities for all workers, including workers underrepresented in well plugging or site remediation, to be trained and placed in good-paying jobs directly related to the project.

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Expected in early Spring, 2024

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