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State Energy Financing Institution (SEFI)-Supported Projects

Federal Agency


Loan Programs Office (LPO)


To provide loans and loan guarantees for large-scale projects that decrease greenhouse gas emissions without necessarily using an innovative technology, so long as they receive qualifying funding from a SEFI (e.g., a state green bank or other qualifying state entities) and fall into one of the categories of eligible projects under Title 17

Applicant and/or Project Eligibility Requirements

Projects must receive meaningful support from an approved State Energy Financing Institution (SEFI), reduce GHG emissions, have a reasonable prospect of repaying the loan, and use one or more of the following technologies: Renewable energy systems; Advanced fossil energy technology; Hydrogen fuel cell technology; Advanced nuclear energy; Carbon capture and sequestration technologies; Efficient electrical generation, transmission, and distribution; Efficient end-use energy technologies; Production facilities for the manufacture of fuel-efficient vehicles or parts of those vehicles; Pollution control equipment; Oil refineries; Energy storage technologies; Industrial decarbonization technologies; Supply of critical minerals. See here for what qualifies as meaningful support:

Decarbonization Considerations

The SEFI program established through IIJA and IRA significantly expands the types of large-scale decarbonization projects that are eligible for federal financing through Title 17. Now, so long as they receive meaningful state support, projects no longer have to use an "innovative" technology to be eligible. These loans and loan guarantees can be used to support decarbonization technologies across a wide array of sectors. LPO provides a non-exhaustive list of examples, including energy efficiency upgrades and electrification of single-family residences, community solar projects, facilities related to decarbonized industrial products, construction of high-quality, energy-efficient, housing, and financing of energy efficient and grid-interactive appliances.

Equity Considerations

As part of the Community Benefits Plan required through the application process, applicants are expected to complete community engagement to identify areas of potential social, economic, and environmental benefits while developing mitigation strategies for any possible community harms. Borrowers will be expected to report on these factors throughout the project lifetime.

Helpful Tips

LPO has advised that projects are usually at least $100 million qualify for SEFI financing. Borrowers can also stack federal tax incentives.

Other Notes

A non-exhaustive list of approved SEFIs can be found here:

Deadline (Announced or Anticipated)

September 30, 2026

Funding Available


Max Award Amount

Varies by project

Expected Allocations


Average Award (Estimated)


Matching Funds

At least 20%

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