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Regional Clean Hydrogen Hubs (H2Hubs)

Federal Agency


Office of Clean Energy Demonstrations (OCED)


To develop 6-10 regional clean hydrogen hubs that: 1) Demonstrably aid the achievement of the clean hydrogen production standard developed; 2) Demonstrate the production, processing, delivery, storage and end-use of clean hydrogen, and; 3) Can be developed into a national clean hydrogen network to facilitate a clean hydrogen economy.

Applicant and/or Project Eligibility Requirements

Hydrogen hubs would need to demonstrate all components including the production, processing, delivery, storage, and end-use of clean hydrogen. Clean hydrogen is defined as hydrogen produced with a carbon intensity equal to or less than 2 kilograms of carbon dioxide (CO2)-equivalent produced at the site of production per kilogram of hydrogen produced.

Decarbonization Considerations

Consider working with universities, research institutes, and private sectors to develop regional clean hydrogen hubs to demonstrate hydrogen production from renewable energy and other low-carbon energy sources. Check DOE Hydrogen Shot Request for Information (RFI) results to learn more about diverse resources, end-uses, and impact potential in various regions. If in a region with abundant natural gas resources, consider how hydrogen production can bring cleaner energy in a more efficient way and other long-term benefits.

Equity Considerations

DOE offers Community Benefits Plan guidance on community and labor engagement, workforce investments, diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility,and Justice40, which is available here:

Helpful Tips

According to the IIJA Act, at least 1 regional clean hydrogen hub needs to demonstrate hydrogen production from fossil fuels, at least 1 from renewable energy, and at least 1 from nuclear energy. Besides, at least 1 regional hub shall demonstrate the end-use of clean hydrogen in the electric power generation sector, 1 in the industrial sector, 1 in the residential and commercial heating sector, and 1 in the transportation sector. It is also required that at least 2 hydrogen hubs be located in the regions of the United States with the greatest natural gas resources.

Other Notes

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Deadline (Announced or Anticipated)

April 7, 2023

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50% cost share required

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