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Nationally Significant Federal Lands and Tribal Projects Program (NSFLTP)

Federal Agency


Federal Highway Administration (FHA)


To provide funding for the construction, reconstruction, and rehabilitation of nationally-significant projects within, adjacent to, or accessing Federal and tribal lands.

Applicant and/or Project Eligibility Requirements

In general, 50% of funds shall be reserved for eligible Federal land and Federal land access transportation facilities. 50% shall be reserved for eligible projects on tribal transportation facilities (as defined in section 101(a) of title 23, United States Code). At least one eligible project shall be in a unit of the National Park System with not less than 3 million annual visitors.

Decarbonization Considerations

Funds can be used to promote public transit in, or in areas with access to, Federal and Tribal lands. To take full advantage of this opportunity, applicants should think expansively about how their community connects to nearby Federal and Tribal land(s) and whether their transportation facilities may thus be eligible for upgrades.

Equity Considerations

Funds can be used to create transit connections for Tribal communities and support rural areas in or adjacent to Federal land. Funds can also be used to upgrade facilities in these underserved areas that might be in a state of disrepair. Additionally, the program is intended to support the creation of good-paying jobs with the free and fair choice to join a union and the incorporation of strong labor standards and workforce programs, in particular registered apprenticeships and labor management partnerships in project planning stages and program delivery.

Helpful Tips

This funding is geared towards larger projects. The NSFLTP Program provides discretionary funding for projects that have an estimated construction cost of at least $12.5 million. Construction projects with an estimated cost equal to and exceeding $50 million receive priority consideration in the selection process.

Other Notes

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Deadline (Announced or Anticipated)

November 6, 2023

Funding Available


Max Award Amount


Expected Allocations


Average Award (Estimated)


Matching Funds

10% cost share required

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