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Enhanced Geothermal Systems (EGS) Pilot Demonstrations

Federal Agency


Office of Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy (EERE)


To support competitively selected pilot projects that collectively demonstrate enhanced geothermal systems in different geologic settings, using a variety of development techniques and well orientations.

Applicant and/or Project Eligibility Requirements

Eligible entities include institutions of higher education, for-profit entities, non-profit entities, state and local governmental entities, and Tribal Nations. Foreign entities, incorporated consortia, and unincorporated consortia are also eligible to apply.

Decarbonization Considerations

This program will support Enhanced Geothermal Systems (EGS) pilot projects that collectively demonstrate EGS in different geologic settings, using a variety of development techniques and well orientations, at sites where subsurface characterization or geothermal energy integration analysis has been conducted. Geothermal resources can be found nationwide and represent vast domestic energy potential; however, only a fraction of this potential has been realized due to technical and non-technical barriers that constrain industry growth.

Equity Considerations

See the "Equity Design Considerations for Federal Funding" for general considerations and additional sector-based resources:

Helpful Tips

The technology developments targeted in this FOA are intended to increase geothermal power production in the U.S. in the near-term from areas surrounding existing geothermal fields (Topic Area 1) while facilitating new opportunities for widespread power (or power with cascaded heat production) in the future from regions where heat is present, yet no geothermal energy production exists (i.e., Topic Areas 2, 3, 4).

Other Notes

DOE has identified 4 topic areas for the pilots: (1) EGS Proximal Pilot Demonstrations; (2) EGS Green Field Pilot Demonstrations; (3) Superhot/Supercritical EGS Pilot Demonstrations; and (4) Eastern-US EGS Pilot Demonstration See the first round of selections, announced Feberuary 13, 2024 here:

Deadline (Announced or Anticipated)

Dates for the second round of funding - under Topic Area 4 only - will be announced soon

Funding Available


Max Award Amount


Expected Allocations

4 to 9

Average Award (Estimated)


Matching Funds

20% cost share required

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