Community Project Funding (CPF) - American Cities Climate Challenge
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Community Project Funding (CPF)

Federal Agency


U.S. House of Representatives


To support a broad array of projects for infrastructure and community development.

Applicant and/or Project Eligibility Requirements

Members of Congress will be allowed to submit 15 qualified, local projects to the Appropriations Committee for consideration of targeted federal funds. Members must provide evidence of community support for the projects, as well as compelling evidence that demonstrates a true need.

Decarbonization Considerations

Consider tangible, community-supported projects that can substantially advance local climate action plans, such as a new transit hub, public transit system enhancement or extension, or major retrofit and electrification of public schools, public housing, or other community facilities. If resiliency and climate adaptation are of particular necessity, funding could be used to transform a stadium or convention center into a community resiliency hub. Learn more at:

Equity Considerations

The broad flexibility of this funding could be transformative for communities that seek to overcome outdated transportation systems and building stocks, both of which present health and equity concerns. Many households struggle from America's historically car-centric development, where new or enhanced public transit could support non-White or lower income households, which are less likely to own a car, are more likely to commute via public transit, and are more likely to live in denser areas that suffer from greater vehicle pollutants. Communities also suffer from inefficient affordable housing options, where over 31 million households suffer from severe energy burdens. Energy burden rates are 43% higher for Black households than for non-Hispanic White households.

Helpful Tips

Funding will be prioritized for projects that are shovel-ready and planning projects are eligible as well. In this first round of funding, projects were prioritized based on clear demonstrations of community support and compelling need. Coordinate early with your community's congressional delegation to ensure projects are aligned with delegation priorities and community needs. Each project must be for the current fiscal year only and cannot include multiyear funding. Note: Some representatives have abstained from participating in this request process. Check with your representative to confirm their participation and process.

Other Notes

The structure is similar to what was previously known as "earmarks," which were discontinued in 2009. As this is new and subject to congressional direction, rules, requirements, and process may evolve each year. Funded projects can be found here:

Deadline (Announced or Anticipated)

April 30, 2022

Funding Available

$7.5 billion for FY22; total funding for both Houses of Congress is limited to no more than 1% of discretionary spending

Max Award Amount


Expected Allocations

Over 4,000 (including Congressionally Directed Spending)

Average Award (Estimated)


Matching Funds


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