The District of Columbia has the target to increase the use of renewable energy to make up 50% of the District’s energy supply by 2032.
As part of this strategy, Washington D.C. established a 20-year Power Purchase Agreement in 2015 with Iberdrola Renewables, LLC that will directly supply 35 percent of the District government’s electricity demand with wind power. Under the PPA, the Department of General Services (DGS), which manages the District’s portfolio of government buildings, will purchase the entire out put of Iberdrola’s South Chestnut 46 MW wind farm in southwestern Pennsylvania, along with the associated Renewable Energy Certificates to be retired.

This will supply the District of Columbia with approximat ely 125,000 MWh of clean electricity every year. Additionally, this is the first long-term wind. PPA entered into by a city without a municipal utility.