The City of San Francisco has the goal to meet 100% of city’s electricity demand from renewable energy sources.

As part of this goal, the City launched San Francisco’s Community Choice Aggregation program, CleanPowerSF, in May 2016. It is a program permitted by law in several states that allows cities and counties like San Francisco to buy electricity on behalf of their residents and businesses. Through aggregating the demand, CleanPowerSF aims to create demand and source cleaner energy as well as support local economy. While San Francisco is responsible for owning and purchasing energy to meet demand in CleanPowerSF programme, their investor-owned utility partner, PG&E, continues to deliver the power, maintain the network, respond to outages and provide billing services. Residents and businesses are automatically enrolled to the programme, but there is the option to opt-out.

There are two tariffs in CleanPowerSF that enrolled customers can select from: Green and SuperGreen. Green tariff provides at least 40% renewable energy from sources in California and SuperGreen provides 100% renewable energy from sources in California with a small premium over green tariff rates.