Getting Started

Identify Your Options

This website focuses on five renewable energy procurement options: on-site solar, community solar, green tariffs, physical power purchase agreements, and virtual power purchase agreements. Additional options, such as the use of energy savings performance contractors (ESCOs), are not currently included, but may be added over time. For further details on each of these five options, see these summaries created by the EPA.

This website is intended to help you clearly identify which options are available to your city. However, cities served by municipal utilities or community choice aggregation may have a different set of options. For additional information, see the Cadmus Group’s Pathways to 100 report.

Beyond the desktop research mentioned above, we would strongly recommend you reach out to other cities in your region to understand their decision-making processes. If you are unable to connect with a nearby city, the City Stories section of this website, C40’s Clean Energy Business Model Manual, and the Accelerator team can all provide insights into what renewable energy projects other cities have completed Understanding the types of renewable energy procurement:
The EPA’s Green Power Supply Options website provides summaries of the most common forms of renewable energy procurement.
Understanding what is available in your state:
The State Overview section of this website provides an overview of which options are likely available to you given your state’s regulatory environment and explains each option in detail. For additional information, see the Cadmus Group’s Pathways to 100 report, which provides insights to help cities identify which options may be available to them.
Identifying what other cities have done:
The City Stories section of this website highlights key commitments and actions that other cities have undertaken. In addition, C40’s Clean Energy Business Model Manual contains a number of case studies illustrating the types of projects and programs that have been implemented by cities around the world.