Getting Started


The procurement guidance is designed to help city governments effectively and efficiently understand the processes, tools and best practices for purchasing renewable energy. This first “Getting Started” section provides a framework for identifying which renewable energy projects will work best for a local government based upon its preferences and regulatory environment. Later sections focus on five different, commonly-available methods that a local government might use to purchase renewable electricity:

Given the complex and varied state regulatory and energy market landscape in the United States, an important starting point for determining available options for purchasing renewable energy is to understand the statewide context. To learn more about what options are available in your state, please visit Renewable Options by State.

If you know your statewide landscape already and are ready to begin the “Getting Started” section, click the “Next” button below. Alternatively, if you have already identified a preferred method of purchasing renewable energy, use the links above or one of the menus to navigate to the relevant section.

For more information on the data sources and methodology behind this procurement guidance section, you may find the technical note here.