Micro-grid and Integrated Micro-grid Systems Program - American Cities Climate Challenge
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Micro-grid and Integrated Micro-grid Systems Program

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To promote the development of integrated micro-grid systems for isolated communities and micro-grid systems to increase the resilience of critical infrastructure. Focus on micro-grid systems owned or operated by isolated communities, rural electric co-operatives, and municipal governments.

Applicant and/or Project Eligibility Requirements

Eligible entities include states, Indian Tribes, regional entities and regulators, local units of government, institutions of higher education, and private sector entities.

Decarbonization Considerations

Decarbonization strategies may include increased use of carbon-free generating sources and energy storage systems in microgrids, reduction of reliance on fossil-fuel-based generating sources including diesel, and projects which increase community resilience to disasters.

Equity Considerations

For purposes of this section, the term ‘‘isolated community’’ means a community that is powered by a stand-alone electric generation and distribution system without the economic and reliability benefits of connection to a regional electric grid. Additional emphasis is given for isolated communities exposed to extreme weather conditions and high energy costs, including electricity, space heating and cooling, and transportation. Policymakers may consider prioritizing communities that 1) experience frequent service interruptions and reliability concerns, particularly those that are related to disasters including but not limited to wildfires, floods, and hurricanes; and 2) communities in which a large share of households face a high energy burden. Consider also incorporating local workforce training, development, and retention as part of this program.

Helpful Tips

For purposes of this section, the term ‘‘integrated micro-grid system’’ means a micro-grid system that— (A) comprises generation from both conventional and renewable energy resources; and (B) may use grid-scale energy storage

Other Notes

In carrying out the program, the DOE Secretary shall consider the capacity of the local workforce to operate, maintain, and repair a integrated micro-grid system as well as opportunities to improve that capacity. Funding expires in 2025.

Deadline (Announced or Anticipated)

New program, deadline unknown.

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