Energyshed: Exploring Place-Based Generation - American Cities Climate Challenge
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Energyshed: Exploring Place-Based Generation

Federal Agency


Office of Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy (EERE)


To invest in innovative research, development, and demonstration (RD&D) projects that accelerate the large-scale development and deployment of renewable energy to support an equitable transition to a decarbonized electricity system by 2035 and net-zero emissions economy by 2050.

Applicant and/or Project Eligibility Requirements

Eligible applicants include 1) individuals; 2) domestic for-profit entities, educational institutions, nonprofits; 3) state, local, and tribal governments; 4) foreign entities.

Decarbonization Considerations

Successful projects are expected to show the impacts and tradeoffs of developing locally-derived clean energy generation under a range of future scenarios, including increasing EV charging needs and future heating electrification.

Equity Considerations

Consider partnering with underrepresented groups to understand the needs of underserved communities and developing tools to address the renewable energy gap. Engage multiple stakeholders to address gaps in diversity, equity, inclusion, and various considerations described in the FOA. To help a broad set of stakeholders understand the implications and participate in the development of locally-based energy generation in their community, these tools should be accessible and easy-to-use to a wide array of stakeholders that are not necessarily electric power system experts.

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Deadline (Announced or Anticipated)

August 1, 2022

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20% match required

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